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How did i end up as a health coach?  If you told me this was going to be my career i would have never believed you.  My life was going in an entirely different direction when life took me on a new course.  I was working in the marketing field, building websites and designing mailers.

My health issues began when i was 14 years old and moved from the Philippines to the USA.  Previously i had been eating a diet consisting mostly of fresh and pesticide free and unprocessed foods.  When i moved to Florida, i began eating fast food regularly and my snack of choice was microwaved popcorn.  I developed major inflammation in my body as a result.  After getting vaccinated, i came down with frequent fevers and nausea which i realized many years later were due to the fact that i had the MHTFR gene which prevents proper detoxification of heavy metals from the body.  I also came down with frequent dental carries.  

I spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic visits and massage therapy for my ongoing inflammation that was being caused by my compromised microbiome and inflammatory response to the unhealthy foods i was consuming.  Adding to the internal stress i was placing on my body, i was also raised in a stressful environment with my father being a missionary for an overly conservative christian cult.  

My inflammation only got worse as the years passed.  By the time i was 25, i would occasionally wake up bedridden from the extreme pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders, not even able to lift my head off of my pillow for days on end.

When i got pregnant with my son Isaiah is when my symptoms of chronic fatigue were added to the mix.  My body finally began shutting down on me.  I began having to nap at work during lunch time and breaks.  After my son was born, i developed extreme Postpartum Depression along with PTSD from life events that happened around the same time.  I didn't want to leave my house for two months after he was born and went in and out of bouts of fatigue, having to sleep whenever and wherever i could, even sleeping in grocery store parking lots because i was so drained.  I lost my job working for an automotive mailer company because i was too exhausted to even function.  I went to a doctor who told me i suffered from adrenal burnout and fatigue.  She gave me adrenal supporting supplements that didn't do much to help me at the time so i stopped taking them.  I went to several other doctors who ran blood tests that came back completely normal.  Because my blood tests looked fine, one doctor suggested perhaps i was just depressed and needed to go on an anti-depressant.  I then went to another doctor to get tested for food allergies. When the results came back they showed no allergies to any foods.

My frustration was building as family members close to me were telling me i was faking being sick while even the doctors couldn't figure out what was causing my extreme fatigue.  I went weeks in and out of spending most of my days on my couch or in bed or on my sons playground on a mat while he played, with days in between of slight functionality and then crashing again.

I joined several facebook groups for autoimmune conditions and noticed most people were adamant there was no cure for any of them.  I began to get discouraged but refused to settle for the fact that id live the rest of my life as if i was already dead, day in and day out counting down the hours and minutes until i was in my bed again.  It was a miserable existence for six years straight of ups and downs and crashes and glimmers of hope followed by more crashes.  I eventually found a few supplements that were leaps and bounds above any of the previous ones i tried and learned how to trust my intuition and listen to my body and what it was trying to convey through inflammation or discomfort.

My life began to improve when someone suggested i try hypnotherapy.  I had two sessions which i will be eternally grateful for because they did in fact change my life.  I followed that up with three months of NLP sessions which further helped me in my journey of letting go and healing from my PTSD.  Because of how much of a positive impact both of those modalities had on my health and well being i decided to pursue them for myself so that i could give back the gift that i received to others.  I then signed up at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that i could become a certified health coach and help others find their way back from feeling like the walking un-dead to living a life full of life and vitality.  I also got certified as a Quantum Healing practitioner.
I hope my story gives you hope that you too can heal from whatever it is you are currently suffering from.  Dis-ease is not the natural state of our bodies.  Living a life full of vibrant health and vitality should be our natural state.



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